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Browser Call

Make call from your browser to any phone

A software which allow you to make call to any landline or mobile from your browser, you dont need to have phone to do that. User can use headphone and computer speakers to talk.


Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking Application

Lead Tracking application allow business to receive voice calls , forward , call connect with sales/support agents, record, email, call traffic reports , graphs, download csv.


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing application based on PHP

SMS marketing application contains features of keywords, subscription, group sms, scheduled sms, short code, inbox. Application is developed in cakephp and ready to white labeled.

At Oditiwebs.com, we offer Short Message Service or SMS and voice applications that are based on web software. Our team, which comprises of a Twilio experts has built up large web applications that are related to real estate, polling sites, customer support, lead generation and tracking, B2C sites, soft phones, browser phones and a whole lot more. The company has established all of their applications using Twilio, a cloud communications IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) company that is founded over in San Francisco, California, USA. At Oditi we provide sms and voice based web software, our team have developed web applications related to following fields

  • Real estate
  • Polling sites
  • Customer support
  • Lead generation and tracking
  • B2C sites
  • Soft phone
  • Browser Phone

We have used following technologies to create above softwares and followed global standards of these frameworks thats why these sites are easy to maintain, easy to expand and white labeled.

  • cakePHP
  • Coordinator framework
  • Laravel php
  • Yii framework
  • PHP 5
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Twilio

If you want the fastest, the most modern and the most effective multi-channel communication technologies that the world has to offer, then Oditiwebs.com has all the key features and software you need. This website provides you with intensified response rates in e-mail and short message service or SMS, which allows you with e-mail to SMS or SMS to e-mail that is proven to be worth purchasing for.

Besides its exceptional features in SMS and e-mail, it offers scheduled SMS, where you can send recurring messages to specific individuals or a collective group of people around it. The group SMS is extended through a custom framework. It makes use of Twilio, a groundbreaking cloud communications service infrastructure that permits developers to utilize web service application programming interfaces or APIs in making and receiving phone calls and text messages. It also has an SMS application that gives features of soft phone. With this, you the user can send and receive SMS, as well as receive and make calls on your browser.

Applications offered by oditiwebs.com also contain applications for real estate agents. We have the real estate lead management system, which allows these agents to manage properties, create QR codes and send SMS and voice support to clients. We have several features that are one of a kind and were developed with the use of the Twilio applications. With these features, making SMSs, voice calls, receiving SMS from inbox, record calls, mp3 & wav conversions, recording to texts and other daily cellular phone activities are made conveniently easier for one to use.

Besides Twilio, We have also utilized other technologies to create the unique software applications that we have. We have abided to the international standards of these frameworks that help maintain these sites. With that being said, you are certainly guaranteed with web based applications that are truly safe and effective to use.